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Aveela Sleep

Aveela Sleep, an ecommerce business based out of Southern California, needed a brand revamp and performance marketing to boost their ecommerce sales. After consultation, Drofire understood their unique product offerings and challenges reaching and standing out in their competitive marketplace. The solution was a brand revamp including a website redesign, SEO services for organic keyword ranking, and performance PPC across Amazon, Google, and Meta (FB & IG) with optimized images and copywriting.

Aveela has three main product lines we needed to highlight in an easily digestible design with a strong call to actions for ecommerce purchases. The website design follows a breathable layout with neutral and complimentary brand colors that emphasizes the professionalism and trust factor with their brand. Using customer feedback was also a strong point in this website design as the trustworthiness of each product jumps with each legitimate review we used. Additionally, we focused on SEO and search-worthy content so that Aveela could rely less on paid media and more on organic for future online sales.

The result was an aesthetically pleasing design that looks modern, trustworthy, and informative with each section clearly defined for easy navigation. By understanding their target audience, setting clear goals, and incorporating key design elements, has successfully attracted new customers and increased their online sales. If you are looking to elevate your business’s online presence, consider contacting Drofire to design and build a new website that will effectively showcase your products and engage your target audience.