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Skibel Photography

Joey Skibel, a renown photographer, needed a new way to promote his photography business online and showcase his work. Drofire understood the need of representing his high quality imagery in an elegant design while keeping site speed and content optimized for SEO. Additionally, the challenge of selecting the imagery to be used out of Joey’s vast catalog of work that best represents his services.

The solution is a light and orderly design that allows breathing room to define each section along the color gradient background. There is a strong hero followed by an authority section of some of the top publications in the world that he has worked with. For services, each image is interactive and specifically chosen to best represent that area of his work for an intuitive flow. The Gallery section is built dynamically so that the images will change with each load, giving a different experience each time it’s visited. Lastly, there is a strong call to action to either purchase art or book a photoshoot with Skibel Photography.

The result is a stunning website that is fast, secure, and responsive and provides photography leads for their company. If you are looking to elevate your business’s online presence, consider contacting Drofire to design and build a new website that will effectively showcase your products and engage your target audience.